Why Wear a Sliding Mitt?

Sliding mitts are a type of glove used by baseball and softball players. They are designed to provide protection and support while sliding into a base. While some players may prefer to wear regular gloves, sliding mitts offer unique benefits that make them a great choice for any player. In this article, we’ll explore why sliding mitts are a great choice and the different types of sliding mitts available.

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What Are Sliding Mitts?

Sliding mitts are a type of glove specifically designed to protect the hand when sliding into a base. They are typically made of thick leather and feature extended palm protection. This extra coverage helps to protect the player from scrapes and bruises when sliding into a base.

Benefits of Sliding Mitts

Sliding mitts offer a number of benefits that regular gloves simply can’t provide. Some of the benefits of sliding mitts include:

Improved Protection

The most obvious benefit of sliding mitts is the improved protection they provide. The extended palm protection helps to protect the player’s hand from scrapes and bruises. This is especially important for fast runners who may slide into a base more often.

Improved Grip

The leather material used to make sliding mitts also helps to improve grip. This is especially beneficial when sliding into a base as it helps to ensure that the player won’t slip and suffer an injury.

Increased Comfort

Sliding mitts are also designed to be more comfortable than regular gloves. The leather material is softer and more flexible than regular gloves, which helps to make sliding into a base more comfortable.

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Types of Sliding Mitts

There are a few different types of sliding mitts available. The most common type is the traditional sliding mitt, which is designed for general purpose use. There are also specialized sliding mitts that are designed for specific positions, such as catchers and outfielders.


Sliding mitts are an essential piece of equipment for any baseball or softball player. They offer improved protection, grip, and comfort when sliding into a base. There are also a few different types of sliding mitts available, so it’s important to find the right one for your position. With the right sliding mitt, you can stay safe and slide into a base with confidence.