Why Do Baseball Players Cover Their Mouths?

Baseball is one of the most beloved sports in the United States and around the world. It’s been played for centuries and has millions of fans around the world. Baseball players are often seen covering their mouths with their gloves when they are in the field or on the bench. But why do they do this? This article will explore the reasons why baseball players cover their mouths when they are playing.

What Is The Purpose Of Covering The Mouth?

The purpose of covering the mouth is twofold. First, it is believed to help the player focus on the game and remain attentive to what is happening on the field. This can help them remain in the moment and better react to the situation. Secondly, it is believed to help the players keep their emotions in check. Baseball is an emotionally demanding sport and it is important for players to remain cool and collected on the field.

How Is It Done?

Covering the mouth is done by holding the glove up to the face and covering the mouth with it. It is seen as a sign of respect and can be done in a variety of ways. Some players will cover their mouths completely while others will just cover their lower lips. Other players may cover up the sides of their mouths while they talk and some will just use the glove to cover a portion of their face.

History Of Covering The Mouth

Covering the mouth has been a part of baseball for centuries. It is believed that the practice originated in the early days of baseball when players would cover their mouths to hide their chewing tobacco. This was done to help keep the tobacco from being seen by the fans and to keep the playing field clean.

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As the game of baseball evolved, the practice of covering the mouth became more and more popular. It is now seen as a sign of respect and is done by players to demonstrate their commitment to the game.

The Benefits Of Covering The Mouth

Covering the mouth has a number of benefits. First, it helps players stay focused on the game. This can be especially helpful when the game is particularly intense or when the players are feeling emotional. Covering the mouth can also help the players remain composed and show respect for the game.

Another benefit of covering the mouth is that it can help players stay in the moment. By covering their mouths, the players can help themselves stay focused on the game and avoid being distracted. This can help them make better decisions and become more effective players.

The Drawbacks Of Covering The Mouth

Although there are some benefits to covering the mouth, there are also some drawbacks. First, it can be difficult for players to communicate while their mouths are covered. This can lead to communication problems and make it harder for players to understand what their teammates are saying.

In addition, some players may feel that covering the mouth is a sign of weakness and may be reluctant to do so. This can lead to players feeling uncomfortable and can have an impact on their performance.


Covering the mouth is an important part of the game of baseball. It is a sign of respect and can help players stay focused on the game. It can also help players stay in the moment and remain composed. While there are some drawbacks, the benefits of covering the mouth far outweigh the negatives.

Whether it is used to hide chewing tobacco or to help players stay focused and composed, covering the mouth is an important part of the game of baseball. It is an important part of the tradition and culture of the sport and will continue to be a part of the game for years to come.