Who Threw the No-Hitter Last Night?

The term “no-hitter” is a magical phrase in the world of baseball. It is a rare occurrence that requires a pitcher to have an almost perfect game, allowing no hits to be made against the opposing team. Last night, the Houston Astros’ pitcher, Justin Verlander, achieved this feat, making him the first pitcher to throw a no-hitter during the 2021 MLB season.

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Background on Justin Verlander

Justin Verlander is a 37-year-old pitcher who has been with the Houston Astros since 2017, and has been playing professional baseball since 2005. During his 16-year career, Verlander has been named the American League MVP and Cy Young Award winner in 2011, and was an 8-time All-Star. He is currently the oldest active pitcher in Major League Baseball and has an impressive career record of 208-125, with a 3.41 ERA.

How the No-Hitter Unfolded

At 8:10 p.m. EST, Verlander started the game against the Toronto Blue Jays at the Astros’ home stadium, Minute Maid Park. He began the game by striking out the first two batters, and finished with 11 strikeouts throughout the game. He threw a total of 114 pitches and allowed only two walks. Verlander’s performance was also aided by two spectacular defensive plays by his teammates, as they managed to turn double plays in the eighth and ninth innings.

The Reaction

Verlander’s no-hitter was met with a standing ovation from the crowd, as well as his Astros teammates. On social media, fans and other players were quick to congratulate Verlander on his performance. Justin Turner, a player for the Los Angeles Dodgers, tweeted: “Congrats to @JustinVerlander on the no-hitter!! #Legendary”. Astros outfielder Michael Brantley was also quick to praise Verlander: “That’s what a Hall Of Famer does! Congrats @JustinVerlander.”

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Verlander’s Impact on the Game

Verlander’s no-hitter was a reminder of the pitcher’s impressive career, as he continues to be a dominant force in Major League Baseball. His performance last night was also a reminder of the impact he has had on the game, as he is now the only pitcher in MLB history to have thrown three career no-hitters. Furthermore, Verlander’s no-hitter was the 40th in Astros history, making them the team with the most no-hitters in the league.


Justin Verlander’s no-hitter last night was a testament to his skill as a pitcher, and a reminder of the impact he has had on the game of baseball. It was a magical night for Astros fans, and for Verlander, as he achieved a feat that few pitchers ever will. He will certainly be remembered for this performance, and for his accomplishments throughout his career.