What Were Babe Ruths Last Words?

The death of baseball legend Babe Ruth on August 16, 1948 marked the end of an incredible career that changed the game of baseball forever. Widely considered to be one of the greatest players of all time, Babe Ruth was a beloved figure in the sport and his passing was felt all around the world. While the details of his death are well known, one of the great mysteries surrounding him is what were Babe Ruth’s last words?

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The Final Days of Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth, born George Herman Ruth, Jr., began feeling ill during a trip to Chicago in early August, 1948. After he returned home to New York, his health continued to decline and he was admitted to Memorial Hospital in New York City on August 14. Ruth was suffering from a variety of ailments including throat cancer, pneumonia, and cirrhosis of the liver. Despite the best efforts of his doctors, Ruth’s condition worsened and he passed away two days later on August 16.

Speculation on Babe Ruth’s Last Words

While the details of Babe Ruth’s death are well known, his last words remain a mystery. Some reports have suggested that his last words were “Hot dogs.” Other reports have suggested that he said, “I’m in a tough spot.” Still, others have suggested that the last words from the legendary ballplayer were, “Why not now?”

The truth is, no one knows for sure what Babe Ruth’s last words were. There are several accounts of his last moments, but none of them mention his final words. There have been many speculations over the years, but without any definitive proof, we may never know the answer.

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The Legacy of Babe Ruth

Regardless of what his last words were, Babe Ruth left behind a lasting legacy in the world of baseball. He was one of the game’s greatest players and his impact can still be seen today. From setting records to inspiring generations of players, Babe Ruth will forever be remembered as one of baseball’s most influential figures.


Babe Ruth’s death marked the end of an incredible career and the start of a great mystery. What were Babe Ruth’s last words? Even after all these years, the answer remains a mystery. While there has been much speculation over the years, without any definitive proof, we may never know the answer. Regardless, Babe Ruth’s legacy will live on in the world of baseball, and he will forever be remembered as one of the game’s greatest players.