What Size Glove Should A 12 Year Old Have For Baseball?

In the world of baseball, having the right glove size is essential to the game. It helps to ensure that a player is able to grip the ball securely and perform their best. It also helps to prevent injuries. As a parent or coach, it is important to ensure that a 12 year old has the right size glove for playing baseball.

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Understanding the Different Types of Baseball Gloves

When it comes to choosing the right glove size for a 12 year old, it is important to know the differences between the different types of gloves. Generally, there are three different types of gloves that are used in baseball: infield gloves, outfield gloves, and catcher’s mitts.

Infield Gloves

Infield gloves are typically smaller than other gloves, as they are designed for players who play infield positions such as shortstop, second base, and third base. These gloves have smaller fingers and a shallow pocket. This makes it easier for the player to quickly grab and throw the ball.

Outfield Gloves

Outfield gloves are usually larger than infield gloves, as they are designed for players who play outfield positions such as left field, right field, and center field. These gloves have longer fingers and deeper pockets, which helps the player to better grip and catch the ball.

Catcher’s Mitts

Catcher’s mitts are the largest type of glove, and they are designed specifically for the catcher. These mitts have long fingers and a deep pocket, which helps to prevent the ball from bouncing out of the pocket.

Choosing the Right Glove Size

When selecting the right glove size for a 12 year old, there are several factors to consider, including the size of the player’s hand, the position they play, and the type of glove they prefer.

Size of the Player’s Hand

The size of the player’s hand is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a glove size. Generally, a 12 year old should have a glove that is between 11.5” and 12.5” in circumference. This size glove should fit snugly around the player’s hand and allow for a comfortable grip.

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Position Played

The position the player plays is another important factor to consider when selecting a glove size. Generally, infielders should have a smaller glove, while outfielders should have a larger glove. Catchers should have the largest glove, as they need the most protection.

Type of Glove Preferred

The type of glove the player prefers is also an important factor to consider. Some players may prefer a larger, more padded glove, while others may prefer a smaller, lighter glove. It is important to provide the player with a glove that they feel comfortable with, as this will help them to perform their best.

Finding the Right Glove

Once the size, position, and type of glove are determined, it is time to start shopping for the right glove. It is important to find a glove that is the correct size, fits comfortably, and is made from quality materials.

Measuring for the Right Glove

Before purchasing a glove, it is important to measure the player’s hand for the correct size. To do this, the player should place their hand palm side up on a flat surface. The circumference of the hand should be measured from the base of the thumb to the base of the pinky finger.

Trying on the Glove

Once the player has found a glove that is the correct size, it is important to try it on to ensure that it fits correctly. The glove should fit snugly around the player’s hand, but should not be too tight or too loose. The player should be able to comfortably make a fist with the glove on.

Breaking in the Glove

Once the player has found a glove that fits correctly, it is important to break it in. This can be done by lightly rubbing the glove with a soft cloth and then using a baseball to shape and soften it. The player should also practice catching and throwing with the glove to help break it in.


Choosing the right glove size for a 12 year old is an important part of playing baseball. The player’s hand size, position, and type of glove should all be taken into consideration when selecting a glove. Once the right glove is found, it should be broken in to ensure that it fits comfortably and is ready for use.