What Is with Baseball Players and Necklaces?

Baseball players are often seen wearing necklaces on the field, but what is the significance of these necklaces and why are they so popular among baseball players? In this article, we’ll explore the origins and symbolism of necklaces in baseball and how they’ve become a part of the culture.

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The History of Necklaces in Baseball

Necklaces have been a part of baseball culture for many decades, with some of the earliest players wearing them as a way to ward off bad luck. In the early days of baseball, it was believed that wearing a necklace could bring good luck and protect against physical injury. This superstition may have become more popular in the late 19th century when players of color began joining the game, as many of them brought with them traditions of wearing charms and amulets for good luck.

As the game evolved, necklaces have become more than just a means of superstition. Players began wearing necklaces as a way to express themselves, with some necklaces having religious or cultural significance. For instance, some players wear religious crosses or the Star of David to express their faith. Others might wear necklaces with their home country’s colors to honor their heritage.

Necklaces for Good Luck

Many baseball players still believe that wearing necklaces can bring them good luck. This belief is so strong that some players refuse to play without wearing a necklace. Some players choose to wear necklaces with a specific meaning, such as a four-leaf clover for luck or a horseshoe for protection. The most popular good luck charm among baseball players is still the St. Christopher medal, which is believed to protect the wearer from harm.

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Necklaces for Style

Necklaces have also become a way for players to express themselves through style. Many players wear different styles of necklaces to show off their individual style and personality. Some players choose to wear flashy, expensive necklaces with diamonds or gold, while others might opt for a more subtle, classic look. Some players even choose necklaces with charms and pendants that have personal meaning, such as a birthstone or a zodiac symbol.


Necklaces have been a part of baseball culture for many decades, and it is clear that their popularity has only grown over time. Necklaces offer players a way to express themselves, show off their individual style, and bring good luck on the field. Whether it is a religious symbol or a good luck charm, necklaces are a part of the culture of baseball, and they are here to stay.