What is the Weirdest Pitch in Baseball?

Baseball is one of the most beloved sports in America. It has been around since the mid-1800s and is still one of the most popular sports today. The rules of the game have evolved over time, and so have the types of pitches thrown by players. Many of these pitches have become household names, including the fastball, slider, and curveball. But there is one pitch that stands out from the rest—the weirdest pitch in baseball.

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What Is the Weirdest Pitch in Baseball?

The weirdest pitch in baseball is known as the knuckleball. It is a type of pitch where the ball is thrown without the fingertips of the pitcher’s throwing hand touching the ball. Instead, the ball is held between the knuckles of the thumb and index finger. This creates an erratic movement when the ball is released, making it unpredictable and difficult to hit.

How Does the Knuckleball Work?

The knuckleball is one of the slowest pitches in baseball, usually clocking in around 60-70 mph. It is not thrown with the same arm motion as a fastball or other pitches, but instead with a fluid motion of the arm and wrist. This motion creates a spin on the ball, which causes it to move in an unpredictable manner.

The knuckleball is also affected by the air around it. The air pressure causes the ball to move differently than a regular pitch, making it even harder to predict. As a result, the knuckleball is often referred to as the “butterfly pitch” because of the way it flutters in the air.

Who Throws the Knuckleball?

The knuckleball is not a pitch that is thrown by every pitcher in the major leagues. In fact, only a handful of pitchers are known for their knuckleball. The most famous knuckleballer was Phil Niekro, who played for the Atlanta Braves from 1964-1987. He was known for his knuckleball and won 318 games in his career, the second-most wins of any pitcher who used the pitch.

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Other famous knuckleballers include Charlie Hough, who played for the Los Angeles Dodgers from 1976-1994, and Tim Wakefield, who played for the Boston Red Sox from 1995-2011. Today, the most notable knuckleballer is R.A. Dickey, who is currently pitching for the Texas Rangers.

Is the Knuckleball Effective?

The knuckleball is one of the most unpredictable pitches in baseball, making it difficult to hit. This makes it a great weapon for pitchers who are looking to get out of tough spots. Because of its unpredictability, the knuckleball can be used to get batters to swing at pitches outside the strike zone.

In addition, the knuckleball can be used to set up other pitches. Pitchers who throw a knuckleball often use it to disrupt the timing of the batter, which can make other pitches more effective.


The knuckleball is one of the most unique and effective pitches in baseball. It is the weirdest pitch in the sport, and yet it has been used by some of the greatest pitchers in the game. The knuckleball is unpredictable and can be used to get batters to swing at pitches outside the strike zone. It is a great weapon for pitchers who are looking to get out of tough spots and is sure to remain one of the most fascinating pitches in the game for years to come.