What is the Longest Slump in Baseball History?

The longest slump in baseball history is one that lasted fifteen consecutive losses. This streak occurred in 1961 and was set by the Philadelphia Phillies. It holds the record for the longest losing streak in Major League Baseball (MLB) history and is widely considered to be one of the most remarkable slumps of all time. In this article, we will explore the history behind this record-breaking slump and look at some of the interesting facts surrounding it.

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Background of the Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies had a long history of mediocrity before the slump. They had not had a winning season since 1953, and had been held back by a lack of talent and financial resources. The Phillies finished in last place for four consecutive years prior to the start of the 1961 season, which increased their odds of setting a record-breaking slump.

The 1961 Team

The 1961 Phillies team was led by manager Gene Mauch and consisted of a mix of veterans and rookies. The team had good starting pitching, but the bullpen was very weak and the offense was not very strong. The team was expected to finish in the middle of the standings, but they failed to meet expectations and struggled throughout the season.

The Slump Begins

The slump began on April 23, 1961 when the Phillies lost a game to the Milwaukee Braves. This was the start of a fifteen-game losing streak that lasted until May 10. During this streak, the Phillies scored only thirty runs while allowing sixty-nine. They also had twenty-one errors and only one complete game.

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The Streak Comes to an End

The streak finally ended on May 10 when the Phillies beat the New York Mets 6-2. This was their first win since April 23 and ended the longest slump in baseball history. The Phillies went on to finish the season with a record of 59-95, which was the worst record in the National League.


The slump had a major impact on the Phillies organization. Manager Gene Mauch was fired shortly after the slump ended, and the team went into a rebuilding phase. They would not have another winning season until 1964, when they finished in second place in the National League.

The slump also had a lasting impact on the team’s fanbase. Many fans blamed the slump for the team’s struggles and the lack of winning seasons in the following years. The slump is still remembered by longtime Phillies fans and is seen as a symbol of the team’s struggles during the 1960s.

The Legacy of the Streak

The fifteen-game slump set by the Phillies in 1961 is still the longest in MLB history. It is a record that stands as a testament to the team’s struggles during that era, and it remains one of the most remarkable slumps of all time.


The Phillies’ fifteen-game slump in 1961 is the longest in MLB history and is one of the most remarkable slumps of all time. It was a record-breaking streak that had a lasting impact on the team and its fanbase. The streak stands as a symbol of the team’s struggles during that era and has become a part of Phillies lore.