What Glove Did Derek Jeter Use?

Derek Jeter, one of the most iconic baseball players of all time, was known for his trademark glove. He used it to make some of the most memorable plays in baseball history, and he was rarely seen without it. But what glove did Derek Jeter actually use? Let’s take a closer look.

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Jeter’s Signature Glove

Derek Jeter used a Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSCM43BC, a 12-inch glove designed specifically for him. This glove is made from full-grain Kip leather, which is known for its durability and comfort. Jeter also preferred the black and tan colorway, which he felt allowed him to blend in better with the background of the field.

The glove is designed with a deep pocket, which is ideal for infielders like Jeter. This allows the player to easily scoop up ground balls and make quick throws with accuracy. The glove also features a quick-adjustment strap, which allows the player to quickly adjust the fit of the glove without having to take it off. In addition, the glove is constructed with a thermoformed wrist lining, giving Jeter the perfect fit and feel.

Jeter’s Glove Care Routine

Jeter was known to be very particular about his glove. He would take great care to make sure it was in perfect condition, as it was his most important tool. He would meticulously clean and condition the glove after every game, and would often take a few extra minutes to make sure it was just right. He was also known to take it into the clubhouse and wrap it in a towel to keep it dry.

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Jeter’s glove was also known to be very tight. He preferred the glove to be snug so that it wouldn’t move around when he was fielding. He also believed that having a tighter glove gave him better control and accuracy.

The Legacy of Jeter’s Glove

Derek Jeter’s glove has become a symbol of his greatness and is still used by many players today. His glove is seen as a symbol of excellence, and many aspiring baseball players strive to use the same glove. In addition, Rawlings has released a replica of the glove, allowing fans to own a piece of the legend.


Derek Jeter was known for his trademark glove, the Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSCM43BC. This 12-inch glove was designed specifically for him, and features a deep pocket, quick-adjustment strap, and thermoformed wrist lining. Jeter was also known to take great care of his glove, and it has become a symbol of his greatness.