What Does SS Mean on a Baseball Card?

Baseball cards are a popular collectible item for many sports fans. They are treasured for their nostalgia, as well as for their potential to increase in value over time. As such, it is important for collectors to understand all the information that is included on a baseball card and the various abbreviations and acronyms that are often used. One of the most commonly seen abbreviations is “SS”, which stands for “Second Sacker”.

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History of Second Sacker

The term “Second Sacker” has its roots in the early days of baseball. In the 19th Century, the position of second baseman was considered to be the most important defensive position in the infield. This was because the second baseman was responsible for covering both the shortstop and the third baseman, and could thus act as a sort of “safety net” for the defense. As such, the term “Second Sacker” was used to refer to the second baseman, and is still used today.

What Does SS Mean on a Baseball Card?

The abbreviation “SS” is used on a baseball card to indicate that the player listed is a second baseman. This is usually accompanied by the player’s fielding percentage and range factor, which are both statistics that measure how effective the player is at fielding their position. In some cases, the abbreviation “2B” may be used instead of “SS”.

The Importance of SS Abbreviation on Baseball Cards

The SS abbreviation is important for baseball card collectors because it can help them identify the position of a particular player. This is especially helpful for older cards, which may not have the position listed explicitly. Additionally, the SS abbreviation can help collectors determine the value of a card, as certain positions are more valuable than others. For example, shortstop cards tend to be more valuable than second baseman cards, as the position is more difficult to play.

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The abbreviation “SS” is an important piece of information for baseball card collectors. It stands for “Second Sacker” and indicates that the player listed is a second baseman. Knowing this information can help collectors identify the position of a particular player, as well as determine the value of a card. With this knowledge, collectors can make informed decisions about their purchases and ensure that they are getting the most out of their collections.