What Does Rhubarb Mean in Baseball?

Baseball has a long history of complex terminology, from the “Texas Leaguer” to the “Baltimore Chop.” One of the more unusual terms is “rhubarb,” which has been around since the early 20th century and is still occasionally used today. But what exactly does “rhubarb” mean in baseball?

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Origin of the Term

The term “rhubarb” originated in the early 1900s as an on-field euphemism for a fight or altercation between players. It’s unclear exactly where the term came from, but it’s likely that it was derived from the sound of players arguing. It’s also possible that it’s related to the slang term “raspberry,” which was used around the same time to refer to a loud and angry argument.

What Does Rhubarb Look Like?

A rhubarb typically occurs when two players get into a heated argument and start shoving or pushing each other. In some cases, punches may even be thrown. Generally, rhubarbs involve multiple players from both teams and can quickly escalate into a full-blown brawl. Rhubarbs are usually broken up by the umpires before they get out of hand.

Consequences of a Rhubarb

Aside from potentially causing a serious injury, rhubarbs can also have a significant impact on the game. If a player is ejected from the game for his involvement in a rhubarb, it can affect the outcome of the game. Additionally, players who are ejected are subject to fines and suspensions.

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Why Do Rhubarbs Happen?

Rhubarbs usually occur when one player is accused of violating the rules or performing an illegal action. For example, if a batter is hit by a pitch, he may accuse the pitcher of throwing at him intentionally. This can lead to a heated argument, and if the situation isn’t diffused quickly, it may lead to a rhubarb.

Preventing Rhubarbs

Given the potentially serious consequences of a rhubarb, it’s important for players and umpires to take steps to prevent them from occurring. Umpires should be alert to signs of escalating tensions and intervene before things get out of hand. Additionally, teams should have clear rules about how to respond to potential rule violations and ensure that players understand the consequences of participating in a rhubarb.


In baseball, the term “rhubarb” is used to refer to a fight or altercation between players. Rhubarbs can have serious consequences, both for the players involved and the game itself, so it’s important for teams and umpires to take steps to prevent them from occurring. Although rhubarbs are not as common as they once were, it’s still important for players to understand what a rhubarb is and how to avoid it.