What do MLB Scouts Look for?

Major League Baseball scouts have the difficult task of identifying and evaluating potential players for each team. They are responsible for finding the best talent to help teams achieve success. Scouts often travel hundreds of miles, spend countless hours watching games, and analyze data to determine the best prospects for their teams. So, what do MLB scouts look for?

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The Skillsets

The most important thing that scouts look for when evaluating a player is their skillset. This includes the player’s physical abilities, such as speed, strength, and agility, as well as their mental abilities, such as their knowledge of the game, ability to make quick decisions, and their ability to stay focused. Scouts also look for a player’s ability to adjust to different situations and environments.

The Physicals

MLB scouts also pay close attention to the physical condition of players. They look for any signs of injury or any potential physical problems that could impact a player’s performance. Scouts look at a player’s height, weight, and body type to determine if they have the right physical attributes to succeed at the next level.

The Statistics

Statistics play an important role in the evaluation process. Scouts look at a player’s past performance, such as their batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage. They also look at a player’s defensive stats, such as range factor and fielding percentage. This data helps scouts determine if a player is ready to make the jump to the major leagues.

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The Intangibles

In addition to the skillset, physicals, and statistics, scouts also look for the intangibles. This includes a player’s work ethic, attitude, and character. Scouts want to know if a player is willing to put in the extra work to succeed and if they have the mental toughness to handle the pressures of playing in the major leagues.

The Tools

Tools are the attributes that players possess that can’t be seen on the field. These include the player’s arm strength, power, and the ability to make contact with the ball. Scouts also look at a player’s throwing accuracy, footwork, and speed. All of these tools are important for a player’s success at the next level.

The Overall Package

At the end of the day, scouts are looking for the overall package in a player. They want to see a player who has the physical and mental abilities to succeed, as well as the intangibles and tools to help them become successful at the next level. If a player has all of these attributes, they will have a better chance of being selected by a major league team.


MLB scouts have the difficult task of evaluating and selecting players for each team. They look for a player’s skillset, physicals, statistics, intangibles, and tools to determine if they have the potential to succeed at the next level. All of these factors are taken into consideration when selecting players for major league teams.