What are Baseball Abbreviations?

Baseball is a sport that has been around since the 19th century and is played in many countries around the world. As a result, it has developed its own unique language of abbreviations that are used by players and fans alike to quickly communicate with one another. Understanding baseball abbreviations can help you better understand conversations about the sport and keep up with the game.

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2. BA or AVG – Batting Average
3. P – Pitcher
4. DP – Double Play

Baseball Stats Abbreviations

One of the most commonly used baseball abbreviations are those related to stats. Baseball stats are a great way to measure a player’s performance over the course of a game or season. The most commonly used stats abbreviations include:

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BA or AVG – Batting Average

RBI – Runs Batted In

HR – Home Runs

OPS – On-Base Plus Slugging

ERA – Earned Run Average

K – Strikeouts

BB – Walks

SLG – Slugging Percentage

WHIP – Walks + Hits per Inning Pitched

Position Abbreviations

Position abbreviations are also used in baseball to denote a player’s position on the field. These abbreviations include:

P – Pitcher

C – Catcher

1B – First Base

2B – Second Base

3B – Third Base

SS – Shortstop

LF – Left Field

CF – Center Field

RF – Right Field

Common Baseball Terms & Abbreviations

In addition to stats and position abbreviations, there are also other terms and abbreviations commonly used in baseball. These include:

DP – Double Play

TP – Triple Play

BB – Base on Balls

CS – Caught Stealing

FC – Fielder’s Choice

GDP – Grounded into Double Play

HBP – Hit by Pitch

IP – Innings Pitched

TB – Total Bases

Miscellaneous Baseball Abbreviations

There are also some other miscellaneous abbreviations used in baseball that don’t necessarily have to do with stats or positions. These include:

AB – At Bat

LOB – Left on Base

QAB – Quality At Bat

OBP – On-Base Percentage

OBP+ – On-Base Plus Slugging Plus

RISP – Runners in Scoring Position

GO/FO – Ground Out/Fly Out


Baseball abbreviations can be confusing for those who are new to the sport. However, with a little bit of knowledge about the different abbreviations and terms used, you can quickly catch up and be able to understand conversations about the game.