Is Shortstop 5 or 6?

Shortstop is one of the most important positions on the baseball field, and it has been a subject of debate for years as to whether it is a 5 or 6 position. It is important to understand the differences between the two positions in order to accurately assess the role of the shortstop.

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What is Shortstop?

Shortstop is a fielding position in baseball that is located between second and third base. The shortstop is the team’s primary defensive player in the infield and is often the one who fields the most balls in the infield. This position is also known as the ‘hole’ position, as it is the deepest spot in the infield. The shortstop is expected to have good range, a strong arm, and the ability to make quick decisions on the field.

The Role of the Shortstop

The role of the shortstop is to cover the most ground in the infield, to make easy plays on balls hit to the left side of the infield, and to back up other infielders when necessary. The shortstop is also responsible for turning double plays and often takes part in rundowns. Shortstops must also be able to read the ball off the bat in order to make quick decisions on where to throw it.

Why is Shortstop 5 or 6?

The debate as to whether shortstop is a 5 or 6 position has been around for years, as there are pros and cons to each side. The main difference between the two positions is the amount of ground that the shortstop has to cover. The 5 position is usually reserved for the most talented and experienced infielders who are able to cover more ground. On the other hand, the 6 position is used for players who are not as experienced or have less range than the 5 position.

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Arguments for Shortstop Being 5

The most common argument for shortstop being a 5 position is that it requires more range and experience than the 6 position. The 5 position requires the shortstop to cover more ground, which requires the player to have a good sense of the field and the ability to make quick decisions.

Arguments for Shortstop Being 6

The argument for shortstop being a 6 position is that it is less demanding than the 5 position. The 6 position requires the player to have less range and can often be played by a less experienced player. This allows teams to rotate players in and out of the position, which can give them more flexibility on the field.


Ultimately, the question of whether shortstop is a 5 or 6 position is one that is open to debate. Both positions have their advantages and disadvantages, and it ultimately comes down to the team’s individual needs and preferences. The most important thing is to find a player that has the skills and experience to play the position effectively.