Is College Baseball on ESPN?

College baseball is one of the most beloved sports in America, yet it is lacking in coverage on the major networks. ESPN is the biggest network in sports, and college baseball fans have been asking if ESPN will ever show college baseball. The answer is yes, ESPN does show college baseball.

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History of College Baseball on ESPN

College baseball has been a part of ESPN’s programming since its inception in 1979. The first ever college baseball game televised by ESPN was the Harvard-Yale game in 1979. Since then, ESPN has continued to televise college baseball games, with the network broadcasting several college baseball games throughout the regular season and the College World Series.

College World Series on ESPN

The College World Series is the most prestigious event in college baseball and is televised nationally by ESPN. The College World Series has been on ESPN since 1980, and the network has been covering it ever since. ESPN also broadcasts a wide variety of college baseball games throughout the regular season, with games from all over the country.

ESPN College GameDay

In addition to its regular coverage of college baseball games, ESPN has also added its popular College GameDay program to its lineup. College GameDay is a weekly show that previews the upcoming college baseball games. The show features analysis and interviews with players and coaches, as well as predictions for the upcoming games.

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ESPN+ is the network’s streaming service that allows viewers to watch live and on-demand college baseball games. ESPN+ has become an important part of the network’s college baseball coverage, as it allows viewers to watch games that are not televised on traditional television. ESPN+ also provides exclusive college baseball content, such as the College Baseball Live show and exclusive College World Series coverage.


ESPN is the leader in sports coverage and it is no surprise that they are covering college baseball. The network has been a part of college baseball since its inception and continues to be a major player in the sport. ESPN broadcasts college baseball games throughout the regular season, as well as the College World Series. The network also offers exclusive content on its streaming service, ESPN+, which allows viewers to watch college baseball games that are not available on traditional television. So if you’re a college baseball fan, you can rest assured that ESPN has you covered.