How to Speed Up Your Childs Bat Speed

In the world of youth baseball, one of the most sought after abilities is bat speed. All young players strive to gain an edge over their opponents, and having a faster bat speed can be a major advantage. To help your child reach their full potential as a hitter, here are some tips on how to speed up their bat speed.

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Strength and Conditioning

One of the most important aspects of improving bat speed is strength and conditioning. If your child isn’t strong enough to create the necessary power to their swing, their bat speed won’t be as fast as it could be. Having a dedicated strength and conditioning program can help your child build the strength and power necessary to maximize their bat speed.

Workouts should focus on exercises that increase core strength and power. Exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and pull-ups are great for building strength and power. Your child should also focus on explosive exercises such as plyometrics and medicine ball throws to build power and speed in their swing.

Proper Swing Mechanics

In addition to strength and conditioning, proper swing mechanics are essential for improving bat speed. Working with a hitting coach can help your child refine their mechanics and make sure their swing is efficient and effective. A hitting coach can help your child develop the proper stance and hand position, as well as the right bat path and swing mechanics.

When teaching your child proper swing mechanics, emphasize the importance of keeping their hands close to their body. This will help them generate more speed and power in their swing. Also, encourage your child to keep their eyes on the ball and to keep their head down in the swing. This will help them make better contact and create more power.

Practice Drills

In addition to proper swing mechanics, there are several practice drills your child can do to improve their bat speed. These drills should focus on developing the proper mechanics and building speed and power.

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One of the most effective drills for improving bat speed is the wall drill. To do this drill, have your child stand about three feet away from a wall and hold the bat in their hands. Have them swing the bat at the wall as if they are hitting a baseball, and have them focus on the speed and power of the swing. This drill will help your child build strength and power in their swing.

Another effective drill for increasing bat speed is the power toss drill. To do this drill, have your child stand in the batting stance with the bat in their hands. Have them toss the ball up in the air and swing at it as if they were hitting a baseball. This drill helps your child increase the speed and power of the swing.

Mental Approach

In addition to physical training, it is important to focus on the mental approach to hitting. When your child steps into the batter’s box, they should be focused and relaxed. They should be confident in their abilities and have a positive attitude.

Encourage your child to take deep breaths before they swing and to focus on the process of hitting. Remind them to focus on the mechanics of the swing and to not worry about the results. Also, remind them to stay relaxed and to trust their training and their abilities.


Improving bat speed is an important aspect of youth baseball. By following these tips, your child can increase their bat speed and become a better hitter. Focus on strength and conditioning, proper swing mechanics, practice drills, and the mental approach to hitting, and your child will be on their way to becoming a more powerful and successful hitter.