How to Make a Baseball Bat Holder

Baseball is a popular sport in many countries around the world. For many baseball fans, having a bat holder can be a great way to keep their bats organized and ready for use. Making a bat holder is a simple and affordable project that can be completed in a few hours with minimal tools and materials. In this guide, we will explain how to make a baseball bat holder step-by-step.

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Tools and Materials

Before beginning the project, you should gather the tools and materials needed to complete it. Below is a list of items you will need:

• Wood board (1″ thick)

• Circular saw

• Drill

• Screws

• Wood glue

• Sandpaper

• Paint or stain

• Screwdriver

Step 1: Cut the Wood

The first step in making a bat holder is to cut the wood board into the appropriate size and shape. Using a circular saw, cut the board into two pieces that are approximately 24” x 10”.

Step 2: Mark the Holes

Next, you will need to mark the areas where the holes will be drilled. You should mark two holes at the top of the board, and three holes in the middle. The holes should be spaced evenly and should be 2” apart.

Step 3: Drill the Holes

Once the holes have been marked, you can use a drill to create them. Make sure the drill bit is the same size as the screws you will be using.

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Step 4: Attach the Pieces

Now that the holes have been drilled, it is time to attach the pieces of the bat holder together. Using wood glue and screws, attach the two pieces of wood together. Make sure the screws are securely fastened.

Step 5: Sand and Paint

After the bat holder has been assembled, you can use sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges and bumps. Once the bat holder is sanded, you can paint or stain it and let it dry.

Step 6: Attach the Bat Hooks

The final step in making a bat holder is to attach the bat hooks. You can purchase these hooks from your local hardware store. Drill pilot holes into the board and use screws to attach the hooks.


Making a baseball bat holder is a relatively easy project that can be completed in a few hours. With the right tools and materials, you can have a functional bat holder in no time. We hope this guide has been helpful in teaching you how to make a baseball bat holder.