How to Condition a New Baseball Glove

When it comes to baseball, having the right equipment is essential. One of the most important pieces of equipment is your baseball glove. A good glove can be the difference between making or dropping a catch. Baseball gloves need to be taken care of, and when you buy a new one, it’s important to condition it properly. This article will give you the step-by-step guide on how to condition a new baseball glove.

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Step 1: Clean the Glove

The first step in conditioning a new baseball glove is to clean it. This is an important step as it creates the base for the conditioning process. Start by brushing the glove with a soft brush or cloth. This will help to remove any dirt or debris from the glove’s surface.

Step 2: Apply a Conditioner

Once the glove is clean, you’ll need to apply a conditioner. This helps to protect the leather and keep it supple. There are many different conditioners available, so make sure to choose one that is specifically designed for baseball gloves. Apply the conditioner evenly over the glove’s surface and leave it to dry.

Step 3: Shape the Glove

Once the conditioner has dried, the next step is to shape the glove. This involves using a ball or other object to help the glove to form to the shape of your hand. Place the ball or object in the glove and then use your hands to shape the leather around it. You may need to use a baseball or other heavy object to help shape the glove.

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Step 4: Break in the Glove

The last step in conditioning your glove is to break it in. This involves using a glove mallet or other tool to help the leather become more flexible. Start by lightly tapping the glove with the mallet. Make sure to focus on areas like the pocket, webbing and fingers. Continue to gradually increase the pressure until the glove is completely broken in.


Conditioning a new baseball glove is a simple process that can help to extend the life of your glove. Start by cleaning the glove and then apply a conditioner. Then, shape the glove before breaking it in. Following these steps will ensure that your glove is ready for the big game.