How Heavy is Barry Bonds’ Bat?

Barry Bonds is one of the greatest baseball players of all-time. He holds the record for most home runs ever hit and was the MVP of the National League seven times. It’s no wonder, then, that the bat he used to hit all those home runs has become somewhat of a legend. But just how heavy is Barry Bonds’ bat? Let’s take a closer look.

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History of Barry Bonds’ Bat

Barry Bonds has been swinging the same bat since he was a kid. He first used a Louisville Slugger and then switched to an Old Hickory bat when he was in high school. He then began using a Sam Bat in 1992, which he has continued to use ever since.

The Sam Bat is a maple bat made by Sam Holman, a Canadian bat maker. The bat is known for its quality and durability, and it has become popular with many major league players. Bonds has said that he loves the feel of the Sam Bat and that it has allowed him to hit home runs with ease.

Weight of Barry Bonds’ Bat

So, just how heavy is Barry Bonds’ bat? The answer is that it depends. Bonds typically uses a 33-34 inch bat that weighs anywhere between 32 and 35 ounces. The weight of the bat depends on the weight of the wood, which varies depending on the chosen model. He also typically uses a “heavy” bat, which is slightly heavier than a standard bat.

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Barry Bonds’ Bat Swing

Barry Bonds has developed a unique swing that has been described as “unorthodox” and “explosive.” He has a very quick bat speed, and his swing is incredibly powerful. He also has a very wide stance and a deep crouch, which helps him generate even more power.

Bonds’ swing is so powerful that he is able to generate a tremendous amount of bat speed with a relatively light bat. This allows him to hit for power even with a bat that is lighter than what most players use.


Barry Bonds’ bat is a legend. It is the same bat that he has used since he was a kid, and it has been the source of much of his power and success. The weight of the bat can vary, but typically it is between 32 and 35 ounces. He also has an incredibly powerful swing that allows him to generate a lot of bat speed even with a relatively light bat.