How Do Pros Hold Their Bat?

Aspiring baseball players around the world often look to professional players as role models. From the way they run, to the way they throw, to the way they hit, aspiring players often try to emulate everything about their favorite baseball stars. One thing that often goes unnoticed is the way that these pros hold their bat. While it may seem like a simple act, the way a pro holds the bat can have a huge impact on their performance. In this article, we will take a look at how pros hold their bat, and how this technique can be used by aspiring players to improve their game.

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Gripping the Bat

The first step in properly holding a bat is getting a good grip on the handle. Pros usually favor what is known as a “ten-finger grip”, which involves wrapping all ten fingers around the handle of the bat. This grip gives players the most control over the bat and allows them to generate the most power. To get the most out of this grip, pros wrap the index and middle fingers around the handle, while the other fingers are wrapped around, with the thumb resting in the center. This grip also helps to provide a more balanced feel, which allows for smooth and consistent swings.

Positioning the Hands

Once the grip is established, pros will then move their hands into the proper position on the bat. This position is known as the “V” position and it involves placing the hands close together at the top of the bat handle. The position of the hands should form a “V” shape, with the bottom of the “V” resting at the top of the bat. This position allows players to generate maximum power, while also providing a balanced feel.

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Weight Distribution

The way that pros distribute the weight of the bat is another important factor in how they hold their bat. Pros typically keep the weight of the bat evenly distributed throughout the handle, with the hands positioned slightly closer to the bottom of the bat. This allows players to generate maximum power, while also providing a balanced feel.

Follow Through

The follow through is one of the most important aspects of a professional’s batting technique. As the bat is swung, pros will ensure that their arms are fully extended and their hands are in the “V” position. This allows for a full extension of the arms, which helps to generate maximum power.


Aspiring baseball players can learn a lot from the way that pros hold their bat. By properly gripping the handle, positioning their hands in the “V” position, distributing the weight of the bat evenly, and ensuring a full follow through, aspiring players can improve their game and take their batting to the next level.