How Do I Know What Size Baseball Glove to Buy?

Buying a baseball glove can be an intimidating process, especially when you’re not sure which size to get. With so many sizes, shapes, and materials to choose from, it can be tricky to know which one is right for you. However, the size of the glove is one of the most important factors in determining which glove is best for you. Knowing what size baseball glove to buy can ensure that you have the best fit and will be able to perform at your best when out on the field.

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Measuring Your Hand

The best way to determine the size of glove you need is to measure your hand. To do this, measure the circumference of your palm just below your knuckles (excluding your thumb) with a flexible tape measure. The measurement should be taken in inches and should be the size of glove you get.

For example, if your hand measures 8 inches, you should look for an 8-inch glove. Generally, adult baseball gloves are sized from 11.5 to 13.5 inches, while youth gloves are sized from 8 to 11.5 inches.

Types of Baseball Gloves

In addition to hand size, the type of glove you get will also play a role in determining the size you should buy. There are several different types of baseball gloves, including infield gloves, outfield gloves, first base gloves, catcher’s mitts, and pitcher’s gloves. Infield gloves are usually shorter, measuring 11.5 to 12.5 inches, while outfield gloves are longer, measuring 12.5 to 13.5 inches. First base gloves are also longer, measuring 12.5 to 14 inches. Catcher’s mitts are the longest, measuring up to 34 inches. Pitcher’s gloves are typically the smallest, measuring 10 to 11 inches.

Position-Specific Gloves

When purchasing a glove, it’s important to consider the position you play. Each position has its own unique needs, and some positions require specialized gloves in order to maximize performance. For example, infielders should look for gloves that are lightweight and flexible, while outfielders should look for gloves that are larger and provide more stability. First basemen should look for gloves that are heavily padded and have extra-long fingers for added protection. Catchers should look for mitts that are heavily padded and have extra-long fingers for added protection and durability.

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Try Before You Buy

Once you’ve determined what size and type of glove you need, it’s important to try it on before you buy it. The glove should fit snugly on your hand, with no excess space between your fingers and the glove. It should also be comfortable, with no areas that are too tight or too loose. If you’re buying a glove online, make sure you read the return policy before you make your purchase.


Lastly, it’s important to consider the material of the glove when making your purchase. Gloves are typically made of leather, synthetic leather, or mesh. Leather gloves are more durable and provide more protection, while synthetic leather gloves are more flexible and lightweight. Mesh gloves are the lightest and most breathable, but they don’t provide as much protection as leather or synthetic leather gloves.


Choosing the right size baseball glove is an important process, and it’s important to consider your hand size, the type of glove, your position, and the material of the glove when making your decision. Measuring your hand is the best way to determine the size glove you need, and it’s important to try on the glove before you buy it to make sure it fits properly. With the right size and material, you’ll be sure to have the best fit and the most comfortable glove for your game.