How Do I Know What Size Baseball Glove My Son Needs?

Baseball is a sport that requires a lot of equipment, and one of the most important pieces of equipment is the glove. The glove is used to catch the ball, which makes it an integral part of the game. As a parent, you want to make sure that your son has the right size glove for the best performance. But how do you know what size glove your son needs? This article will provide tips and advice on how to determine the right size glove for your son.

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Why Is It Important to Buy the Right Size Glove?

When it comes to baseball, having the right size glove is essential. A glove that is too small won’t give your son enough room to catch the ball and make a play. On the other hand, a glove that is too big will be difficult to maneuver and control. The right glove should fit comfortably on your son’s hand, allowing him to make quick, accurate catches and throws.

Measuring the Hand

The first step in determining the size glove your son needs is to measure his hand. To do this, you’ll need a flexible measuring tape. Start by having your son make a fist with his index finger and thumb extended. Measure the distance between the tip of the thumb and the tip of the index finger. Once you’ve measured the hand, use the following chart to determine the size glove your son needs:

  • 11” or less – Youth (8”-10.5”)
  • 11.5” – 12.5” – Junior (11”-12.5”)
  • 13” – 13.5” – Intermediate (12”-13”)
  • 13.5” – 14.5” – Adult (13”-14”)
  • 14.5” – 15.5” – Adult Large (14”-15”)

Choosing the Right Glove

Once you’ve determined the size glove your son needs, you’ll need to choose the right glove. There are a few factors to consider when selecting a glove. First, consider the type of glove your son will need. Position players generally need a glove that is a little bigger than the recommended size, as they will need more room for their fingers. Pitchers, on the other hand, usually need a glove that is slightly smaller than the recommended size, as they need more control and accuracy.

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Next, consider the material of the glove. Most gloves are made of leather, which is durable and provides a good grip. However, some gloves are made of synthetic materials, which are lighter and more flexible. The material you choose will depend on your son’s preference and budget.

Finally, consider the style of the glove. Most gloves are designed for one hand, but there are also two-handed gloves available. These gloves provide more control when catching the ball, but can be a bit more difficult to maneuver.

Break In the Glove

Once you’ve selected the perfect glove for your son, it’s important to break it in before he uses it in a game. To do this, you’ll need to soften the leather of the glove. You can do this by applying a leather conditioner to the glove, or by having your son wear the glove for a period of time. This will help the glove form to your son’s hand and make it easier for him to make catches and throws.


Choosing the right glove for your son is an important part of the game of baseball. By measuring his hand, choosing the right glove, and breaking it in, you can ensure that your son has the right size glove for the best performance. With the right glove, your son will be ready to take the field and make some amazing plays.