How Are Baseball Bats Illegal?

Baseball bats are an iconic part of the game of baseball, and they’re beloved by players, fans, and collectors alike. However, despite their popularity, there are certain restrictions in place for baseball bats to ensure the safety of players and fans. This article will discuss the various laws and regulations that make certain types of baseball bats illegal, and why they have been put in place.

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Why Are Certain Baseball Bats Banned?

The main reason why some baseball bats are banned is for the safety of the players and fans. Baseball bats are powerful pieces of equipment, and if used improperly, can cause serious injuries. As such, the governing bodies of baseball have implemented certain regulations to ensure the safety of all players and fans.

BBCOR Standards

The main rule governing baseball bats is the BBCOR (Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution) standards. This rule states that all bats must meet a certain standard of performance in order to be allowed on the field. The BBCOR rule requires that all bats have a maximum weight of 3 ounces, a maximum length of 36 inches, and a maximum diameter of 2.5 inches. Additionally, all bats must have a maximum speed of 98 mph when hit with a heavy ball. These regulations are in place to ensure that no one is harmed by a batted ball.

Restrictions on Non-BBCOR Bats

In addition to the BBCOR standards, there are certain restrictions on bats that are not BBCOR certified. These bats are usually referred to as “non-BBCOR” bats, and they are typically made of lighter materials, such as aluminum or composite materials. Non-BBCOR bats are often lighter and less powerful than BBCOR bats, and as such, they are not allowed in competitive play. In addition to this, some leagues and organizations ban the use of non-BBCOR bats altogether.

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Penalties for Using Illegal Bats

If a player is caught using an illegal bat, they can face a variety of penalties. Depending on the league or organization, these penalties can range from a warning to a suspension or even expulsion from the league. Additionally, if a player is caught using an illegal bat in a professional or college game, they can face a fine or even a criminal charge.


Baseball bats are a beloved part of the game, but they can be dangerous if used improperly. To ensure the safety of players and fans, the governing bodies of baseball have implemented certain rules and regulations regarding the types of bats that are allowed on the field. Certain types of bats are banned, and if a player is caught using an illegal bat, they can face severe penalties. By abiding by these rules, players can help to keep the game of baseball safe for everyone.