Fernando Tatis Jr., and the Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs

The world of professional sports is an ever-evolving landscape, and the use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) is a hot-button issue that continues to be debated. PEDs have been used in many sports, and Major League Baseball (MLB) is no exception. One of the most recent cases involving PEDs is the suspension of San Diego Padres shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. for using a banned substance. This article will take a closer look at the specifics of Tatis’ suspension, how he was caught, and what it could mean for his future.

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Background on Fernando Tatis Jr.

Fernando Tatis Jr. is a 21-year-old Dominican-American professional baseball player who currently plays for the San Diego Padres. He made his MLB debut in 2019, and quickly established himself as one of the league’s top young stars. Tatis is known for his incredible speed, power, and defensive ability, and was named an All-Star in 2020.

What PEDs did Tatis Use?

Fernando Tatis Jr. was suspended for 80 games by Major League Baseball in 2021 for testing positive for Stanozolol, a banned substance. Stanozolol is a synthetic anabolic steroid that is commonly used to increase muscle mass and strength. It is also known to have the potential to increase speed and agility, which could explain why Tatis was so successful in his first two seasons.

How was Tatis Caught?

Tatis’ use of Stanozolol was discovered through MLB’s drug testing policy, which is designed to detect the use of performance enhancing drugs. All MLB players are subject to random, year-round testing, and any player who tests positive is subject to a suspension. Tatis was the first player to be suspended under the policy in 2021, and his suspension was the longest in MLB history for a first-time offender.

Reaction to Tatis’ Suspension

The news of Tatis’ suspension was met with shock and disappointment from many in the baseball world. Tatis is widely considered one of the most talented young players in the game, and his suspension was a major setback for the Padres and the MLB. Tatis himself apologized for his actions and vowed to learn from his mistake and move forward.

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The Impact of Tatis’ Suspension

The suspension of Tatis had a major impact on the San Diego Padres, who were expecting him to be a cornerstone of the team for years to come. Without Tatis in the lineup, the team struggled to find offensive production, and the team’s record suffered as a result. The team also missed out on a huge marketing opportunity, as Tatis’ popularity among fans was an advantage for the team.

The Impact on Tatis’ Career

The suspension of Tatis had a major impact on his career as well. Tatis was expected to be in contention for the NL MVP award in 2021, and his suspension put an end to those hopes. He also lost out on the opportunity to make a large salary in 2021, as he was in the middle of negotiations with the Padres prior to his suspension. It remains to be seen if Tatis will be able to regain his previous form and reputation.

The Future of PEDs in MLB

The suspension of Tatis has reignited the debate about PEDs in MLB. While the league has made efforts to crack down on the use of PEDs, there is still a culture of performance enhancement in the sport. Some argue that stricter penalties are needed for those who are caught using banned substances, while others believe that the current punishments are sufficient.


Fernando Tatis Jr.’s suspension for the use of PEDs has brought the issue of performance enhancers back into the spotlight. Tatis’ suspension has had a major impact on the San Diego Padres, his own career, and the future of PEDs in MLB. It remains to be seen what the consequences of Tatis’ actions will be, and if MLB will take further steps to ensure that players are not using banned substances.