Do Baseball Players Smoke Cigarettes?

In the world of baseball, there is a long-standing debate as to whether or not players smoke cigarettes. While the general consensus is that most players abstain from cigarettes, there are still some players who smoke. This article discusses the prevalence of smoking among baseball players, the potential health risks, and the effects of smoking on baseball performance.

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History of Smoking Among Baseball Players

In the early days of baseball, smoking cigarettes was seen as a sign of toughness and was very common among baseball players. Many players were known to smoke while playing, and it was not uncommon to see players puffing away in the dugout during games. It was even believed that smoking gave players an edge; in fact, some teams even provided cigarettes to their players.

However, as awareness about the dangers of smoking grew, the practice of smoking cigarettes among baseball players began to decline. By the late 1960s, smoking had become increasingly stigmatized, and the practice had become less common among players.

Prevalence of Smoking Today

Despite the growing awareness of the health risks associated with smoking, there are still some players who smoke cigarettes. Studies have found that baseball players are more likely to smoke than the general population. For example, in a study of college baseball players, researchers found that 9% of players reported smoking cigarettes at least occasionally.

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Potential Health Risks

Smoking cigarettes can be incredibly dangerous to one’s health. In addition to being linked to cancer and other diseases, smoking can also have a negative impact on a baseball player’s performance. Studies have found that smoking can reduce endurance, reduce strength, and decrease reaction time.

Effects on Baseball Performance

In addition to the potential health risks, smoking can also have a negative impact on a baseball player’s performance. Smoking can reduce a player’s ability to hit, throw, and field, as well as their agility and speed. Studies have found that smokers are more likely to suffer from injuries, and are less likely to recover from them quickly.


While it is true that some baseball players still smoke, the practice has become much less common than it was in the past. Most players are aware of the potential health risks and the negative impact that smoking can have on performance, and are choosing to abstain from cigarettes. However, those who do choose to smoke should be aware of the potential risks and take steps to reduce them.