Baseball Player Wearing Pearls: Why They Do It

Baseball has long been one of America’s favorite pastimes, and the stars of the sport have always been admired and respected. But one thing that many of them have in common is their love for pearls. Baseball players have been wearing pearls for decades, and the reasons why they do it are as varied as the players themselves.

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History of Baseball and Pearls

Pearls have been a part of baseball culture for a very long time. The earliest known instance of a baseball player wearing pearls was in 1885, when the legendary shortstop John Ward of the New York Giants wore a pearl necklace during a game. Since then, pearls have been adopted as a symbol of success and professionalism in the sport.

Reasons Why Baseball Players Wear Pearls

There are many reasons why baseball players wear pearls. Some of the most common reasons include:


Pearls are a timeless accessory that always looks classy and stylish. They can be worn with almost any outfit, making them the perfect accessory for any baseball player.


Pearls are associated with professionalism, and many players wear them as a sign of respect for the sport. It’s not uncommon to see players wearing pearls before and after games, as well as on the field.


Some players believe that wearing pearls brings them good luck. Whether it’s a good luck charm or a superstition, many players feel that wearing pearls is a way to bring them success on the field.

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Many players wear pearls as a way to honor the tradition of the sport. Wearing pearls is a way of showing respect for the game and the great players who have come before them.

Popularity of Pearls Among Baseball Players

Pearls have become increasingly popular among baseball players in recent years. There are a few high-profile players who have made wearing pearls a signature part of their look, such as New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter and San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence.


Pearls have been a part of baseball for a very long time, and the reasons why baseball players wear them vary from person to person. Some do it for style, some do it for professional reasons, and some do it for luck. Whatever the reason, pearls are a timeless accessory that will always look great on any baseball player.